The holidays are coming and you know what that means, right? It’s officially stair runner season! O.K, so this might not be what the average person thinks of around this time of year, but we are here to tell you why it should be on your mind.


The holidays always seem to be the most busy time of the year for obvious reasons;  family coming into town, preparations for party hosting, nonstop cooking, cleaning and decorating, and the last thing you want to think about is your staircase. But, with more traffic of people in going up and down your hardwood stairs, (and pets) it’s important to consider safety for the added number of guests in your home. Stair runners serve multiple purposes: they make the stairs safer by helping to prevent slipping, and they add a decorative element. By having carpet on the steps, it adds traction and friction so you or a guest are less likely to fall, especially if you are wearing socks in your home. Also, it makes it easier on your feet, knees and back when you are walking up and down the steps if there is some cushion underneath your feet.

One of the main reasons we are asked to install carpet runners in homes is because of dogs! We have customers with small dogs and/or older dogs who have a harder time making it up and down the steps, and as a result, are having to carry their dogs up the stairs. New or expecting mothers and toddlers just starting to walk are another reason stair runners are the best bet for hardwood stairs. Adding a stair runner to the stairs makes it safer, easier, and more comfortable for everyone in the household - even the four-legged ones.

Some other things to consider about stairs on your carpet:

  • Acoustics and sound reduction can be achieved by adding carpet to the stairs. Carpet provides great sound absorption which leads to quieter steps down the staircase.

  • Cost savings are also a fantastic reason to consider carpet for the stairs. Carpet tends to be much more affordable to install on a staircase than hard wood floors due to time and labor costs.

We have a mix of customers who would like a runner strictly for safety, others for the style/look of it, and some who would like a runner for both safety and style. We think the first thing to consider when making a decision about a runner is where in your home are your stairs? If they can be seen from the front door/entryway, remember that this is the first impression your guests will have on your home, so you will more than likely want it to look nice and go with the rest of your decor. On the other hand, if these are back of the home steps, or go down to your basement, the look may not be that important to you. The bottom line is that everything needs to be done in the context of where it the stair runner is going.


From this point, everything else is dependent on your preferred style and quality of carpet, and that is where we come in! We have partnered with Tuftex Carpets of California, one of our favorite carpet manufacturers, to bring our customers the easiest new way to customize your stairs!


Simply visit the website link below to get started. Here is the process:


  1. Select your preferred carpet (choose from 34 beautiful different carpet styles/patterns/textures!)

  2. Select your color (each carpet style comes in 36 different colors, whether you like gray, beige, darker colors, there are so many to choose from!)

  3. The third step is to select “View on staircase” which allows you to choose which kind of staircase you have (curved staircase, not curved, or if you want a runner or want to cover the whole staircase with the carpet) and it shows you a photo of how your preferred carpet selection would look on your own style of staircase. (See photos below!)


Keep in mind that all of the Tuftex products are available in broadloom and area rugs as well. This makes it very easy to coordinate a stair carpet with a matching area rug or wall-to-wall carpet.

Stair carpet and runners are gaining popularity in home décor like never before. Our store and design center offers gorgeous products that are just perfect for staircases. We have samples of hundreds of different carpet options for every taste and style that make quite a statement on the stairs. We are ready to get your staircases ready and safe for the holiday season!

Let’s get to customizing!