It’s Winter. Which means that when you are home, the heat is turned up, the sweaters and comfy pants are on, and the fireplace is going; cue the coziness! There is nothing like being home and cozied up on the couch on a cold January day. But, have you been feeling like your hardwood or tile floors have been taking away from all of the coziness when you set foot on them? They can be cold and just plain uninviting this time of year. Now don’t get us wrong, we are hardwood floor and tile fanatics over here…they are beautiful and add beauty and depth to any room in a home, (and flooring is what we do!) But, it’s important to know that you have options to keep your home warm and comfortable year round without sacrificing the interior style of your home. One thing you might not know about our company is that in addition to installing all types of flooring, we are able to create custom rugs out of the carpet we sell! We’ll explain further in a bit about how that works, but first, let’s talk about how great custom rugs are and why they are an excellent option for your home, especially this time of year:

1. It is a nice way to add color to a room if you don't want to commit to a strong color on the furnishings or window treatments.

2. A rug should be thought of as an accessory to the room, just like your ottoman or coffee table.  It shouldn't take over your flooring, but complement it! 

3. You can use a rug to draw attention to a specific piece of furniture, like your bold-colored sofa or bedspread. You can do this by contrasting the color of the rug with that of the piece of furniture you want to make the focal point of the room. 

4. Small rugs look great on top of sleek hardwood flooring and can add a whole new dimension to the room, especially if they include rich colors, textures, or patterns. 

5. Patterned rugs can make your space more visually interesting and add another element of texture to the room. 

6. If you have children, using our custom rug option is great because we have a number of rugs that can withstand the wear and tear usually inflicted upon the floor including spills and everyday soiling. 

7. “Can I put a rug over my carpet?” This question is usually a debate. But, decorating your home is a very personal thing and we think you should do whatever you want! If you are interested in layering a rug over your carpet, know that it can be done, but texture is key. Rugs generally work best over short-pile or looped carpet. And if you need help deciding which type of rug would work and look best on your carpet, don’t hesitate to reach out to us; consider us your personal flooring concierge! 

shaw cut a rug.jpg

OK, now that you know WHY rugs are a great option for your home, here is how our custom ‘Cut-A-Rug’ program works - it’s so easy and in no time, you will have a custom rug that is functional for your family, matches your home’s style, and keeps you warm and cozy all Winter long! 

  1. Fist, come to our showroom (preferably with pictures on your phone of the space you are wanting to place a rug in) and together we can select the perfect rug pattern, color, and texture that will work best for what you need. Our showroom is full of so many options for rugs! Our custom rug program offers options for size, style, and different shapes including rectangles, squares, runners and rounds. 
  2. Once we choose your rug style, we will go through binding and custom fabric border and edges options for your rug. We love the details! 
  3. If you aren’t sure of the exact size rug you will need, we may suggest one of our designers come to your home to measure space. 
  4. Once we know your rug size, pattern, and choice of edge finish, we will be able to quickly get you a quote as well as a delivery information. 
  5. We will give you a call when your custom rug is ready and available for pickup at our showroom, it’s that easy!