“What is better for a bathroom; ceramic or porcelain tile?”

We were recently asked this question and thought it would be a great one to answer in a post! 

Porcelain tile actually is a ceramic but it is a more refined and pure clay that is fired at a higher temperature making it stronger. Porcelain is usually better all around as it is more durable, is glazed and non-porous. In general, porcelain is very forgiving when it comes to spills and scratches; it’s hard to damage and relatively simple to keep clean. 

Ceramic tile is not as durable as porcelain, and homeowners must clear away spills quickly due to it's relatively high absorption rate. It’s best to avoid using ceramic tile in areas often exposed to moisture, such as the shower and patio. Also, due in part to its tendency to absorb moisture, ceramic tile requires weekly deep-cleaning, as opposed to monthly. 

All in all, we are team Porcelain tile; especially for bathrooms and kitchens! Pictured is a recent bathroom install we completed and used a beautiful neautral wide plank porcelain tile, available in many other colors!

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