This might seem like an obvious question to some, but there are some key factors that most people do not consider when it comes to their home's carpet. Take a look at the carpet in your home right now and ask yourself these questions: Do you or have you had pets? Do you or have you had small children? Has any part of your home incurred water damage? Is the carpet in your home 10+ years old? Are you going to be putting your home on the market in the next few years?

These are all questions we ask our clients if they are on the fence about carpet replacements in their home. Read on to learn if you should be considering it in your home!

Here's some quick and easy ways to tell if your carpet needs replacing: 

If your carpet is:

  • Falling apart

  • If your carpet is matted down in high-traffic areas or possibly all over 

  • If cigarette smoke or other smells seem to be trapped in the carpet that doesn't go away even after a professional cleaning

  • The backing is deteriorating

  • Water stained

  •  Visibly rotting 

  • The seams are more visible or coming loose

  • Professional cleanings aren't getting stains out

If you're experiencing any of the above problems, it is time to consider new carpet. 

Here are some other signs to consider:

Your carpet just looks outdated

Sometimes there isn’t anything majorly wrong with our client’s carpet in their home, they just want a facelift! There are many new and modern carpet styles on the market right now and we’d love to show you some of our new selection of colors, textures and styles; even ones that help protect agains pet stains!

Has there been pet-related damage ingrained in your carpet? 

It is common that people move into a home and don’t realize that the previous tenants had pet-relate damage to the carpet. These stains can be impossible to remove, as well as the odor. If left untreated, it can cause rotting and other issues. If there is a constant pet odor in your home, even after your carpet has been professionally cleaned, this can be a definite sign that your carpets need to be replaced. Also, if you cannot remove the visible stains, this is another sign that it is time for new carpet. If you have pets, we have a selection of carpet that are better for your furry friends than others and we strongly recommend considering this option if you are looking for new flooring! 

*Important to note*

Usually pet stains go down to the carpet padding which doesn't get cleaned (even when the carpet is professionally cleaned). The stains also usually seep into the sub-flooring. We recommend customers paint a layer of Kilz on the subfloor before we install new carpet, if there are pet stain issues.

What is the quality of the carpeting in your home currently?

If your current carpeting in your home is not of high quality, it tends to absorb more and is more susceptible to dust, dirt and stains. Higher quality carpet has much more longevity, is easier to keep looking clean, and is not as susceptible to stains and water damage as lower quality carpet. 

Has your carpet sustained water damage? 

This can be a sure sign that it’s time to replace your carpet - especially if it has reached the subflooring. If this has happened, you are at risk for rotting, mold, and other problems that can take more money and time to fix. Aren’t sure if your carpet has sustained extensive damage from water? Give us a call and we can help you find out.

Does your old carpet have any signs of mold? 

If your carpet has a musty smell, dampness, or random dark spots, this could be a sign of mold. Mold is dangerous and can make you or someone in your home very sick if left untreated. If there is someone in your home that is constantly sick and the problem cannot be identified, it may be mold. 

"I'm putting my house on the market, should I repair or replace the carpet?" 

This is a common question we get asked from clients that are getting ready to list their homes. If you have any hesitation, we recommend getting an outside opinion, such as a realtor. Carpet can be a deal breaker for some buyers so keep in mind that you do not want to give potential buyers any reasons not to buy. Replacing the carpet will make your house show better and have more of the "wow" factor; not to mention the new-carpet smell can help make an older home feel new. 

If you are still unsure, or just want to talk to one of our carpet and flooring experts about your carpet, click the button below and you will hear from someone on our team very soon!