Our Top Staff Picks For Summer Flooring!

We have been busy installing some beautiful floors into our client's homes this summer and have had a blast helping our customers in the showroom pick from our selection of new 2018 flooring styles. Our staff of flooring and design experts have great taste if we do say so ourselves and we wanted to share some of their top flooring picks from our showroom! Hopefully this list can work as your guide to what is trending in the world of flooring right now and help you decide what flooring option to go with for your upcoming project! 


All South Flooring's 'Gulf Coast Collection'

all south driftwood.jpg

The Gulf Coast Collection from All South Flooring has been giving us all the heart eyes lately! Every single color in this collection is STUNNING. Think rustic, neutral, goes-with-everything, and would look good in pretty much ANY room in your house. The color we used in the photo above is 'Driftwood'. 

In addition to looking fantastic, this flooring has:
-High Density Waterproof Core
-A 30 year residential wear warranty
-Attached waterproof pad
-Patented locking system for easy installation
-A 20mil surface wear layer
-Is suitable for Commercial Installation

Core Floor's 'Savannah Coastal'

savannnah coastal3.jpg

Bring that rustic barn wood feel into your home with this Luxury Vinyl flooring! It is so unique and we just love the exposed knots and that every plank looks different. 

Why we love it:

-Natural wood look

-100% moisture resistant

-Low maintenance


-Very durable with commercial grade wear layers and fiberglass reinforcement

Palmetto Road's 'Riviera Collection'

palmetto raod riviera wood.jpg

We recently installed this flooring in a home in Indiana and have heard nothing but great things from our client about it! It has that timeless, antique look while still being modern. The craftsman that make these floors custom-cut the planks in three random widths and distress each surface employing four distinctive circular and straight saw mark techniques. So while the workmanship is modern and durable, the look reclaims a heritage look and feel. We have a range of this collection's rich colors and styles to choose from that reflect the weathered patina of reclaimed wood - all sealed with an ultra low-gloss Bona premium finish. 

Hallmark Floors 'Novella - Hemingway #477'


In addition to being so visually captivating, this flooring features a slice-cut style, that is lightly sculpted 100% by hand (maple & hickory), wire brushed (oak), with detailed coloring. This versatile collection was designed to fit any theme and compliment any lifestyle. 

Why we love it:

They use an oil finish instead of the more common polyurethane finish. One of the biggest advantages of the oil finish is that minor scratches and wear from traffic patterns can be easily buffed out with more oil by the homeowner instead of being virtually unfixable like with a polyurethane finish that most flooring types have. This flooring also has a slice-cut veneer that keeps each board stable and gives it a thick wear layer; this means it won't cup as easily if there is moisture in the air, but still has a thick layer of the actual wood on the veneer. 


Anderson Tuftex "Stroll" Carpet

tld stair runner at.jpg

If you follow us on social media, you know we love us a good stair runner. They're definitely one of our favorite types of installs; but, we don't like just any kind of carpet for a runner. We think that if you are going to invest in a runner for your stairs that will ultimately cover most your hardwood floors, the carpet has to look GREAT and should enhance the look of your stairs, have a timeless appearance, and give your home that "wow" factor. Anderson Tuftex is definitely one of our favorite brands of carpet that does all of those things.

Pictured above is one of their newer styles we are LOVING this summer - 'Stroll' from the STAINMASTER® PetProtect® collection. Yes, you read that right! This carpet is extra durable to protect against stains from pets and active lifestyles. There are so many different patterns and colors to choose from in this collection and we have an amazing selection of these carpet samples in our showroom that we'd love to show you! 

Also, it's important to note that all of our carpet styles can be made into rugs and runners. Try incorporating patterns like this into your upcoming home design project!