2019 Flooring Trends

Flooring styles are constantly evolving, and we take pride in staying up to date on what the biggest trends are in the flooring and design world each year. In 2019, it’s all about being eco-friendly, using American-made products, using variations of darks, lights and gray colors, and lots of hand-scraped and distressed textures. 2019 is all about getting creative with your floors using fun patterns and unconventional widths. Read on to see some of our predictions for this year’s biggest flooring trends!

  1. Going Green

green flooring eco-friendly

Throughout the entirety of the home, natural, recycled and materials obtained from sustainable sources will be big in 2019. Options like cork,  reclaimed wood and engineered wood are proving to be popular choices. There are also options like concrete, rubber, and wool carpets. In the past, eco-friendly flooring options were bland and boring but nowadays, more and more designers are seeking out eco-friendly materials for their environmentally savvy clients.


2. Bathroom: Mosaics

bathroom mosaic

Mosaic flooring, while it may sound old school has actually evolved into a very modern and popular flooring type in home bathrooms. Wood look mosaic, as well as black and white patterned ones, are very on-trend right now. In 2019, a variety of shapes including small squares, herringbone, chevron, hexagon, and more will be seen everywhere.


3. Bathroom: Wood-Look Tiles

woodlock tiles

The biggest ongoing trend in tile flooring is tile that resembles wood. It makes for great bathroom flooring but still gives the bathroom that rustic wood look that is very on trend. It comes in many styles and colors and is printed with inkjet technology so it looks incredibly realistic.


4. Kitchen: Rustic Farmhouse

rustic farmhouse inspiration

The rustic farmhouse kitchen trend gives off a sophisticated, but comfortable vibe. Decorating with salvaged materials, as well as aesthetic antiques, makes the rustic farmhouse style cozy, with a vintage feel. Natural woods and warm colors are perfect to complete this look, as well as a mix of textures and materials. To complete this look, you can incorporate wooden ceiling beams, copper accents, and typically a lot of white, inducing warmth and a sense of home.


5. Kitchen: Leathered Countertops

leather countertops

We know, it’s not flooring.. but we love them! You can use a less expensive granite and get really unique, expensive looking finished product.


6. Living Room:  Oil finished, wire brushed floors

oil finished floors

Oil finished floors are a very forgiving, durable, low maintenance option for your home. They have a super low sheen and are ultra matte looking. This matte finish provides a very natural looking wood floor and it comes in many beautiful colors and samples. Adding the wire brushed finish helps the floors handle traffic extremely well keeping the floors in all areas of the home looking the same regardless of the amount of traffic.


7. Living Room: Large Format Tile

large format tile

Large format tiles are tiles that exceed the average 12×12 sized tile. These tiles are available in square or rectangular shapes and can be as large as 40×120. Because large format tiles are larger, they cover more space per tile, which leaves less grout joints making it easier to clean than regular tile. Large format tiles come in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. From concrete, to marble, to polished porcelain to stone, you can find just about any look in large format. Larger tiles add a modern elegance to any space.


8. Light over dark flooring

light hardwood flooring

For a long time, darker floors were on trend. In 2019, we see the trend switching over to lighter colors instead. So we expect to see a lot of grey coloring and lighter woods. FlooringInc says to also look out for blonde colors this year.


9. Wood Look

wood floorings

The wood look seems like it will never go out of style. It remains the go-to flooring style year after year, and we sure do love it here at Three Little Dogs. There are so many styles and materials that can give a home an authentic “wood look”. Investing in hardwood flooring seems to be the best investment you could make because it doesn’t look like it is going out of style anytime soon!


10. Gelato Carpet

gelato carpet

You may be thinking...what in the world is gelato carpet? Well we were thinking the same thing when we first heard it. The fun colors that you see at the ice cream parlor were all over the latest design shows. More vivid and statement-making than a pastel hue, gelato inspired tones make for a minimal yet playful interior accent and give your carpet a timeless appeal.