As the hardwood surface trend continues to soar, what does that mean for carpet? There are varying opinions on the hardwood and carpet debate, but carpet is still having a positive impact on the flooring industry.

The idea of “traditional carpet” - that is, a solid brown or beige color - may be going away, but bold colors and patterns for carpets aren’t. The flooring industry, while seeing a shift from carpet to hardwood, is also seeing a shift from traditional carpet to more “contemporary” carpet.

Phenix Champion Carpet

Jason Surratt, vice president of product and design at Phenix Flooring recently said, “The growing trend of hard surface throughout more of a consumer’s home is creating an inert need for the softness and comfort of carpet”. We agree with his words. Carpet creates a warm feeling that hardwood just can’t replicate.

The best part about carpet is that you aren’t limited to one solid color. When carpets (or rugs) are incorporated into a room, they tend to be vibrant colors with loud, bold patterns. Within the industry, we can see this trend of bold patterns and colors growing. Mohawk reported 60% of sales were non-solid carpeting.

Soft fiber isn’t going away, and flooring companies are adjusting to meet consumer demand. Many carpets are becoming softer, aesthetically pleasing, and does well in a home.


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