Not all carpets are the same.  We will guide you to a highest quality carpet value that will match your need, style and budget.

Not all carpets are the same.  We will guide you to a highest quality carpet value that will match your need, style and budget.

What Kind of Carpet Should I select?  4 Things to Consider when purchasing New Carpet for your Home.

There are many carpet lines from many different mills and manufacturers in our showroom. You'll see a range of quality, price and selection as you make your carpet selection. Your best bet is to consider these options when coming to see us; that way you're sure to get a quality carpet that will provide you and your family comfort, durability and beauty far into the future.

Here is a helpful guide to understanding what to expect when visiting us.

1. Room Use

Think about and ask yourself when selecting:

  • How is the room going to be used?

  • Is there light or heavy room traffic in the room?

  • Is the room the center of activity for family or entertaining?

  • Is there direct access from outside?

What You Should Know:

By asking yourself these questions and talking with us, we can guide you to which grade and style of carpet would work best for your home.

If you can give us a detailed picture of your expectations for the carpet. Is it always important that the carpet stand up to pets, running children and bustling activity or are you mainly concerned about how it will look and feel in a formal living room that doesn't get a lot of use?

2. Color and Style

Think about and ask yourself when selecting:

  • How much use will the room get? (This is a consideration because a heavily used room may not be the best place to install white or very light-colored carpet.)

  • Are kids going to be playing down on the floor? Or is it a formal room that doesn't get much use? (Again, lighter colors my create more maintenance but another factor we want you to consider is what type of material you should focus on.)

  • Is it a small room or a large room? (Smaller rooms can be made to feel larger by selecting a lighter colored carpet while larger rooms can be made to feel cozier by using a mid-to-darker colored carpet.)

  • What are the lighting conditions in the room? (Rooms with plenty of natural light will show the true color of the carpet while rooms on the north side of a house may need a lighter shade of carpet to keep them from feeling darker than they are.)

What You Should Know:

If you bring swatches of fabric from your drapes and furniture, wallpaper samples, and paint chips with you, it will help us in helping you select carpet. This way you can consider a range of colors that will match your existing décor. Remember that color can also affect your mood. Warmer colors often make you feel energized while cooler tones provide a sense of calm.

When considering color, remember the lighting in our store is not the same as the lighting in your home.

3. Cost

Think about and ask yourself when selecting:

  • Are you installing this carpet for the purposes of selling the home or are you re-decorating it for your enjoyment?

  • What is the size of the room to be carpeted?

What You Should Know:

We want to determine what style of carpet you might be interested in. A home seller is going to want to select a neutral toned carpet in a simple style, like a cut pile texture, but a home owner who is re-decorating will want to explore the many varieties we have available to them. Either way, we will guide you for a best carpet choice. 

We will need to know the approximate size of the area you want carpeted in order to give an estimate on the total cost.  Come with a rough estimate of the size of your room and the layout.  Once you have made your carpet selection to purchase, we will send a professional to your home to take the final measurements.  We will make sure that all our cost estimates will include padding, installation, seaming, stairs (if applicable), thresholds, the moving of furniture and the removal/disposal of old carpet or other flooring and materials.

Always make sure that you are selecting from the highest grade carpet you can afford. We stand behind our carpet with a warranty/guarantee that is in installed by professionally insured installers so that you will get the finest first quality carpet to provide your home beauty and comfort for years to come.

4. Quality

While at our showroom, it may seem that many of carpet selections look and are the same; but not all carpets perform and wear the same. The technology behind the carpet manufacturing does makes a difference.

What You Should Know:

Not all carpets are the same.  We will guide you to a highest quality carpet value that will match your need, style and budget.  Whether it is a nylon, polyester, natural fiber or other types; we are only concerned about working with and for YOU.